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Self-Ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces are made from the same materials as traditional braces; however, self-ligating braces do not require the use of elastics. This results in having braces that are easier to keep clean, they put less friction on the teeth, and the initial alignment of the teeth occurs quicker than with traditional braces. They are smaller than metal braces, so they can provide a more aesthetic appearance, particularly for adult patients.

How do Self-Ligating Braces Work?

Self-ligating braces use a specialized clip in place of elastics to help the arch wire guide teeth into place. The clip helps reduce the amount of pressure being placed on the tooth, and allow for longer times between adjustments because there are no elastics to replace.

Self-ligating braces combine three key components, which when used together, deliver faster treatment, fewer appointments, greater comfort, and consistent high-quality results:

  1. Self-ligating braces eliminate the need for elastic or metal "ties". With tie-less braces you can experience treatment without tightening.
  2. Light high-technology shape-memory wires that move teeth faster and require fewer adjustments.
  3. A new clinically proven treatment approach that aligns your teeth and enhances your facial aesthetics.

Our self-ligating Damon® braces are designed to be discreet, comfortable and easy to keep clean. Without the elastic ties which attract and collect plaque, Damon® braces make dental hygiene easy during treatment. Plus the Damon System® is available in clear brackets for those image conscious patients.

Self-ligating braces are a great option for patients needing braces. Your orthodontist can help you determine which type of braces will be most effective for your smile. Please contact our practice to schedule your orthodontic examination.

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